Zone Trading

What is Zone Trading, and how can it benefit my trading?

We Originated Zone Trading 7 Years Ago

No matter what you trade, Forex, Futures or Stocks, you can use the "zones" to help you trade.  A zone is simply an area of interest on your chart.  Instead of simply looking at  a level, or "line in the sand" you can see an area that price can interact.  If you have been trading for a long time you probably draw these levels yourself.  We build a system to do the had work for you.

Not Just a Swing Point

True supply and demand, or support and resistance is not just based on a pivot point.  There are a lot of factors that go into a zone being created, and truly having what it takes to be important.  This can be very difficult to quantify, but pays dividends in information for your trades.  Having this done automatically, updated at the close of each bar, and change color to show relevance is all just a small part of what our software does.

Advanced Price Action

Price action is nothing more than how price moves on your chart, and what that information means for you.  Once you know the Zones are, you need price action to tell you what price is doing in those areas.  This lets you know when to buy, sell, wait or get our of a trade.

Even though we wish we could explain zone trading in a few short paragraphs, it takes time to learn.  Click below to continue reading more....

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When I discovered APA Zones trade software I knew I had finally achieved one of the main goals in my trade career. I had been searching a long time for an indicator that was predictive rather than reactive to the market. I have found it in APA Zones. My trading methods have now completely changed from having a hair trigger entry and exit mindset with a lot of stress to a relaxed style that having the APA Zones on my price charts gives me. I am able to easily see where my future entry setups as well as targets and exits are going to be well ahead of time and exactly when to take them. All in one indicator! There are also add on modules that APA Zones creator Gabriel Brent has programmed to work with the Zones that make trading a whole new ballgame...a much simpler and profitable ballgame for all traders at any level. I believe everyone would become an APA Zones user if they just took the time to watch them in action. Thank you Gabriel for simplifying the trading game for all of us. You have created a work of genius with APA Zones

- Kevin Bronthius, (Trader)