Timeframe support:

APAZones software will draw zones on all normal minute timeframes.  IE: monthly thru minute, as well as Range, Renko, and Tick charts too.

Bounce Count Colors:

Due to Easy Language limitation APAZones will only draw non-filled zones.  Please be advised that the top line and the corresponding bottom line are the same color and represent the color / bounce count of the zone.







No Zones: If you don’t see zones on your charts

  1. APAzones works on TradeStation 9.0 and 9.1 up to Update 12… IT WILL NOT WORK WITH UPDATE 13, yet.
  2. Also check and see if you can load any other indicator like a RSI, or MACD. Then if they appear, you should be able then to enable APAzones
  3. On the Chart try to take it off. Then add it back aagain.
  4. If these don’t work please contact us directly through our contact page.

Slow Load

If you charts are taking more then 5 mins to load for one of APAzones predefined workspaces please reduce the number of Days to load by:

Go to Format Symbol in any chart > right click empty space > Format Symbol… > Days Back under Last Date:

Cut this level in 1/2.

*Smaller time frames have to create and destroy more zones.  Please cut down on these first.



  1. There is a pre-built list of new workspaces and templates when you install APA Zones from the install program.
  2. They are located in your C:\Program Files\APA Zones directory, along with your User’s Manual.