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APA Elite Software

The most advanced "trend" defining tool available.  This system objectively defines the trend.  This allows you to have market analysis that is not subjective at all.  It has built in artificial intelligence and a neural network that can change its own settings to adapt to changing market conditions.  It truly is the elite product.

This neural network includes our method entries and market scanner, and filters them in the direction of trend.  This tool give you so many more options in one package.  Great for swing traders watching multiple larger time-frame markets, as well as intraday trading analysis!

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  • 2 phase trend direction detection( IE: up and trending or up and ranging)*expansion will add a 3rd phase of chop
  • Filter APA Methods price action with Trend.
  • Uses 5 basic trend following criteria taught in our Mentorship Program.
  • Weighted trend following system so it can learn the markets dynamics as price moves along
  • Over 10 criteria used for this advanced trend following system
  • Visual options to see historical trend and a color trend options to paint the background

APA Zones 4.7

On Ninja Trader 7, MT4, Tradestation and Sierra Charts

We take a very elementary and basic way of looking at the market.  We believe that no matter how you see them, there are price action support and resistance zones.  It’s all based on either previous price action higher highs, lower lows, or a failure to break them.   Our software  highlights and tracks these areas of support resistance for you, using dynamic creation and self terminating zones and a color coded bounce count system.  These areas can be very old or perhaps created within just the last 3 bars.  Our zones help identify consolidation and expansion area as well as keep track of interesting price action areas so you don't have to.  Bottom line it is helps save you time!

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APA Zones makes seeing support and resistance (supply and demand) easy with our proprietary zone system.  It features trend reversal and trend following zone creation and a bounce count system which change color based on how many times price has interacted with it, letting you know the strength of the support/resistance level.

The true strength of APAZones is in it’s ability to automatically record market memory, and display it for you in real time. We do all the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t have to remember where price used to be. Using basic zone theory, advanced price action and pattern recognition, we have developed a unique software tool that any trader in their analysis of market structure!

  • Based on reading market consolidation of the previous market conditions
  • Pattern recognition
  • Ability to see dynamic support and resistance
  • Automatically drawn, color coded bounce counts
  • Know where retail and wholesale prices are
  • Combine multiple time frame zones to generate confluence and market context
  • basic moving averages acting as support/resistance and zone levels that all confirm each other through our use of zones that track market memory areas.
  • Identifies key times of day
  • Saves you time in your analysis
APA Methods & Methods MTF Our Most Popular Product

When applied to any chart, the APA Methods will display a red line and red down arrow at short trade entries, and a green line and green up arrow at long trade entries

We like to see Zones with multiple timeframe confluence. For example, look for a zone using a 5 minute chart, and see if you can see the same zone on a 15 minute chart at the same price area. In addition, look for the same zone on a 60 minute chart, or even on a 240 minute chart and a daily chart. If a support or resistance zone appears on multiple charts in the same area, you have a very high degree of confluence, indicating that price will be affected by that price zone!

APA Methods brings zone theory, price action, and time into one indicator.  It utilizes our tools into one trading system.   With this system, we can see the systematic relationship between all three factors.  All APA Mentors and students use this software (in addition to our elite trend defining software) as it's just the best way to identify the pullback on your entry chart once trend is established.

  • Multiple timeframe analysis (here are a few examples)
    – you can use a 5 min APA Trender on your 4 Range charts
    – you can use a 60 min APA Trender on your 6 Range charts
    – you can use a 1000 tick APA Trender on your 5 min chart
  • Advanced price action patterns
    – entries are given only after strict adherence to trend direction and price action
    – entries should only be taken if the risk parameters you establish are met
  • APA Zones
    – once initial target is met, use the next Zone of opposite type as your target
    – use subsequent Zones as next target levels
    – include dead zones when other zones are too far away
  • APA Trender
    – identifies trend direction
    – trade only in the direction of the trend
    – use with multiple timeframes for aggressive or conservative entries
  • APA Methods can be loaded on any chart supported by your data provider
  • APA Methods can be used with any timeframe supported by NinjaTrader
  • Alerts can be set when a signal is fired off (just in case you are doing something else)
  • Trade entries can be customized to be both long and short, or long or short only, including breakout trades, long or short

The new Market Analyzer is only available with the Methods and Elite packages!

APA Market Analyzer

This powerful tool allows you to monitor multiple markets at one time.  It will show you methods diamonds as they forming in your selected markets so you can pay closer attention to them.

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APA Globex

This is a very simple yet very import indicator to identify and keep track of the Globex High and Low levels.  We consider it to be a free indicator in the APA Zones suite.  APA Globex gives us great confirmation as we watch Price Action on any intra-day market chart.

We believe that understanding short and long term support /resistance is very important.  We can also watch the globex levels on an intra-day basis as price remembers them throughout time.


APA SMA MTF This is a little bit more complicated indicator in it’s use, but a simple concept.  Again we consider it a free indicator and apart of the APA Zones suite.  We developed this because we had several of our traders that like to watch SMAs from other timeframes.  So why not reduce the number of charts and put it all on one.  So we did exactly that!

We believe that the sma can be great temporary support and resistance as price as to come back and retest the medium which is the sma.  Look for a lot of those retracements to happen right around the areas where price touches the sma.  You will also notice how jagged the sma appears as it is being pulled from that other time frame.  In this example, this shows us just how many 500 Tick bars are in one 15min bar or 5 min bar hence the reason for the jaggedness.

APA Trender

The APA Trender is a moving average inspired by a hedge fund manager to help stay with the trend when the big pullback happens. It was developed to help people spot and stay with trends though most other systems would have reversed at that time just to have you buying into resistance or selling into support.

The APA Trender is not just another moving average. It was built using volume, ADX, ATR, and some extra “sugar and spice”. It was designed to help traders stay with a trend. The two main features are the physical location of the trender, and the color of the trender. It adapts itself to the trend, yet follows price, waiting for the conservative pullback before continuing. In addition to indicating trend direction, you can use the Trender to change the bar colors whenever a trend direction changes, or you can change the bar colors whenever price is close to the trendline. You can also change the background color of the chart to match the trend direction.

APA Zones Multiple Time Frame (MTF)

APA MTF allows us to bring other time frame charts and superimpose those zones from that time frame into our current chart.

The APA multiple time frames is a nice expansion to the zones system allowing you to see not only the current charts zones but also as many other time frames zones that you want. It was developed to help see the confluence of multiple time frames that we talk about all the time.


The APA multiple time frames(APA MTF) allows us to be aware of those other bigger and smaller time frames for better entries and confluence of the fractal nature of the markets. In order to keep our charts clean, we only have 2 rays labeled on the right side of your chart so that you know what other time frame that zone is being pulled from.

APA MTF uses all the same colors to indicated the bounce count on that MTF Zones

APA MTF has a heads up display that allows you to quickly and easily change the time frame through a drop down menu. Currently you can only select time, tick, range and renko based charts. You change all the zones settings just like the basic version of APA Zones through the normal indicator interface.

APA Volume

The APA Volume is a unique indicator that identifies High Volume events in price action. It uses Multiple Timeframe Analysis to calculate the volume distribution over any price bar, and when the volume threshold is exceeded, APA Volume can paint the bars any color you like, and can also increase or decrease the width of the bars based on the amount of volume measured. Never let high volume events go by you again. Let APA Volume point out the events and help you in your analysis of price and volume.


  • Identifies high volume events coupled with price action
  • Paints the price bar a specific color when a high volume event occurs
  • Has the option to vary the width of the price bar based on the actual volume
    • The greater the volume, the wider the bar
    • The less the volume, the thinner the bar
  • Option to display or hide the actual volume
  • Option to display or hide the volume text of the event
  • Multiple timeframe analysis (here are a few examples)
    • you can use a 5 min APA Volume on your 4 Range charts
    • you can use a 60 min APA Volume on your 6 Range charts
    • you can use a 7 min APA Volume on your 1000 tick charts


When APA Volume signals a high volume event, that implies that something has happened, is happening, or is about to happen in price. Usually, high volume events signal breakouts, and usually occur at the onset of the breakout and can continue for several bars into the breakout.

Other times, high volume events can signal exhaustion, where the price action will pause or consolidate, then possibly reverse in direction. These large volume bars are usually followed by small volume bars.

When you see very small volume bars during a trend, it usually means volume has dried up, and the trend can not be sustained… look for consolidation or reversal, especially if this event occurs at or near an APA Zone.

APA Price Action School

  • Learn price action from the ground up using just the bars
  • 4 weeks of training class(1 each day!)
  • Homework tasks included to develop your skills
  • One-on-One mentor review of homework submitted
  • Over 20 hours of training videos!
  • Get a morsal of our mentorship
  • Saves you time learning it quickly with our team

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