Price Swing lows/highs

Price Swing offers the most widely known Support and Resistance methodology, we focus on this age old method. We analyze price swings from the the smallest range, tick, and volume charts all the way to the monthly charts for any given market.

Trend Lines

Trend Lines are an important tool in technical analysis for trend identification and confirmation. They are unique in that they help traders define Support and Resistance across time as well as price. As such they are a predictive form of Support and Resistance and offer great value to traders.  This is another feature that we have built into our system and will be available soon.

ABC Patterns

One of the strongest patterns in trading is the ABC pattern.  When the Fibonacci  AB=CD pattern coincides with a zone, it can often times produce a very  good signal for an entry.  This ABCD pattern is based on  Fibonacci retracements and extensions.  Combining the confluence of both APA Zones and Fibonacci methods together, can create a very strong and powerful signal. It is our goal to bring both of these methods together in a “Heads-up – Future Predicting” indicator for the right side of your charts.