Price Action School

Go at Your Own Pace Introductory Course To Price Action And Zone Trading

Get a 4 Part Video Training Series FREE

Zone Trading and Price Action Made Easy!

Price Action School Includes:

  • 4 weeks Video Classes (Approx 1 per day)
  • One-on-One Mentor Review of Homework Assignments
  • Get A Taste Of Our "Mentorship Intensive Program"
  • Enter Trades Based On Advanced Price Action
  • Free access to our live Price Action School Skype Room
  • How to systematically draw support and resistance zones (aka: supply and demand zones)
  • How to trade based zone trading principles
  • Advanced Price Action takes that knowledge to the next level. Let us teach you the right way from the beginning.
  • Access To Weekly Live Class

 Our One-On-One mentorship Will Develop Your Trading Skills

  • The technical analysis principles and trading techniques are applicable to any market.
  • Teaches trading for futures, stocks, Forex
  • Includes resources to help beginning traders learn all about trading

Introduction To The Advanced Price Action School

Mastering The Basics To Build A Solid Trading Foundation

We are a community of real traders dedicated to help others acquire the skill of trading successfully.

  • We are here to help you get on the right track, beginning with: how do I read the bars?
  • What are these patterns trying to tell me? We strive to be there for you, helping you one-on-one so you can learn.
  • Our introductory course starts you at the beginning, building the foundation we all learned on our trading career journey.
  • This value-packed course includes 4 weeks of lessons, with homework that is graded by our professional team.

Price Action is nothing more than how price moves on your charts, and what that information means.

  • This fundamental class starts from learning what different candle patterns mean.
  • It builds from there into interpreting what the movement of price is telling you, and how to use that information.
  • Not just for beginners, this class is designed to show how zone trading with the trend can be understood and utilized by traders.
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Take Your Trading To The Next Level

Use the amazing tools you have heard so much about!  Our Mentorship Elite Program includes every tool we offer, combined with the best education available.  We also have different software packages to fit any trader's needs.

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