There’s a saying, “Follow the Money”.  That’s exactly what we are doing.  We are following in the tracks of big money traders as they leave their trading tracks behind them.  Our software finds these tracks and allows you to trade like a pro, while the big institutions give retail traders the run-around.  You will see that most of the market’s movement is just a show, as big money plays, traps and takes retail players money.  APA Zones ensure you know when to get in the market and when to stay out!

Don’t Pay Retail Prices!

Car Example


We can compare retail levels in the market to retail car sales prices: When you pay full retail price on a new car at a dealership, you lose money the minute you drive the car off the lot.  The same concept holds true in the markets: People watch the markets as they move higher and higher, and finally buy thinking, “If I get in now, it will probably go a little higher.”  Little do they know as they place their orders that price is about to drop. The buyer gets stopped out, and we have yet another, “new car buyer”.

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