APA Zones

We are a company founded on the principle that trading does not have to be complicated in order to be profitable. APA Zones was created by a group of successful traders that use the APA Zones trading method on a daily basis. We decided to automate our system because we believe that the market is always right. We want to share our system so other traders will stop being caught by surprise when the market’s action becomes seemingly unpredictable.  Our system is based on the laws of the market – not a guess, crossover, or some random lines. We predict where price is going to go. We are not reactive to the news or “market indicators”.   Our system allows us to buy the low of the day and sell at the top.

Institutional Trader prospective.

I’m sure you have tried MACD and all of it’s indicator friends. However, we don’t follow price as those systems do. We know and can easily predict when and where price will turn because we follow the tracks of big money and institutional traders.

Mission Statement:
APA Zones aims to provide the global community with dependable, quality programming services, by use of well-trained and experienced personnel and the best technology currently available. We strive for simplicity and clarity, enabling our clients to make low risk, high probability trades in all markets and time frames.