FAQ for APAZones

  • Note: APA Zones has a self updater that will scan your Ninjatrader every time it opens to make sure you have the latest version and features we provide.  It will also prompt you to download the latest version.


Either open up an existing APA zones workspace through:

File > Workspaces > Open  

*Files are anything that begins with an APA


open it up on an existing or new chart

Then open up a chart

and apply it to the chart:
Right click  on Blank Chart > Indicators > double click APAZones

Please repeat this process for as many time frames as you want to use for a single instrument.

*Don’t forget to save your workspace

File > Workspace > Save

*if you close your charts and hit Save as you exit the program, it will erase your chart layout and current setup.

No Zones: If you don’t see zones on your charts

  1. APAzones only work on NinjaTrader 7 and have the latest release 7.6.
  2. Also check and see if you can load any other indicator like a RSI, or MACD. Then if they appear, you should be able then to enable APAzones
  3. On the Chart try to take it off. Then add it back as an indicator.
  4. If these don’t work please contact us directly through our contact page.

Slow Load

If you charts are taking more then 5 mins to load for one of APAzones predefined workspaces please reduce the number of Days to load by:

Go to Dataseries in any chart > right click empty space > dataseries… > Days to load

Cut this level in 1/2.

We also recommend to leave your trading computer on 24/5 so that loading different workspaces will not be a constant issue.

*Smaller time frames have to create and destroy more zones.  Please cut down on these first.



  1. There is a pre-built list of new workspaces and templates when you install APA Zones from the install program.
  2. Switching  between these workspaces is highly recommended as opposed to changing instruments.
    • Workspaces allow you to switch between instruments very quickly (depending on the speed of your computer).  Switching between work spaces instead of switching instruments avoids the lengthy process of NinjaTrader redoing the calculations of your zones and patterns from the last time you visited that instrument.

Issues with APA Zones

If you have issues with APA or current zones, please email us right away.  Attach a screen shot and we will be in touch with you quickly.

TradeStation Data Feed for NinjaTrader


  1. Ninja Trader must be installed
  2. Start TradeStation
  3. Select the menu File–>Import/Export Easy Language
  4. Select “Import Easy Language file (ELD, ELS or ELA)”
  5. Click “Next”
  6. Select the file binAutoTradeNINJATRADER.ELD” 7
  7. Click “Next”
  8. Click “Next”
  9. Click “Finish” and confirm any upcoming query box by clicking “OK”

Start NinjaTrader and connect to the “External Data Feed Connection”

via the Control Center window, File–>Connect menu

  1. Start TradeStation
  2. While in TradeSation, open a chart window (@ES for example) and via the right mouse click context menu, select “Insert Strategy…”
  3. From the dialog window “Insert Strategies” select “NTExternalFeed” strategy and press the “OK” button
  4. A new window will appear “Format Analysis Techniques & Strategies”, press the “CLOSE” button
  5. Within NinjaTrader, select the current ES contract from the instrument list (ES 03-07 for the March 2007 contract as an example) from any of the order entry or chart window You will now receive real-time data from TradeStation in NinjaTrader.

* if you turn off your NinjaTrader all historical data that was imported from Tradestation will be lost

Version 2 FAQ:

Answers to:

  • APAZones no longer have no price labels on the righthand side of the chart
  • Your other custom indicators are missing.