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APA Zones Elite Overview

The APA Mentorship Overview

Diligence| Discipline | Patience

Ask any successful veteran trader, the hardest part of trading is the "mental" side; controlling your mind, will & emotions.  Developing the character traits necessary to succeed takes a lot of hard work.  This is not a program for anyone who with the mentality of "get rich quick" which only leads to failure.  The Elite program is for those who wants to develop their skill-set, to be the highest echelon of trader.  This is a time consuming & challenging task, which produces the best results.  We strive to make this process as quick and painless as possible, without cutting corners.

Our Mission:

  • To remove fear and doubt from your trading by giving you the skills and proven strategy we use every day.
  • To give you industry leading trading software that takes the guesswork out of analyzing the markets and trend direction.
  • Assist you in developing your own personal trade plan geared towards your account size and goals.
  • Develop you into a professional, consistent & proficient trading machine.

Over-Kill Is Under-Rated

To have the best possible advantage, you need training, tools and community.  We put the best tools in your hands, some that are available exclusively through the Elite Program.  We develop your skills by teaching the foundations of price action first.  Once established, these tools that allow you to complete the task in the most efficient, effective way possible.  Our exclusive community of active, like minded traders come along side of you on the journey of trading.  Take every possible advantage achieve your goal.  Every tool we offer is included in this package

May "The Trend" Be With You

If you ask 5 different traders to tell you the direction of the trend on a chart, you will get 5 different answers.  The "trend" is so subjective making it so difficult to be consistent.  That's why we made the APA Elite software, which defines the trend for you using multiple market criteria.  This analysis of defining trend is updated at the close of each and every bar on your chart, and is no longer subjective...it is concrete.  We teach you, in depth how and why the software defines trend, so you can have full confidence in what the system tells you.

Take More Confident Trades

Trading is a difficult thing to do, and can wreak havoc on your nerves.  Our emotions come in to play when our market analysis is inconsistent.  APA Zones was built to help you have consistent analysis of supply and demand, and take repeatable trade entry setups.  Knowing when not to pull the trigger on your trade is equally as important as when to fire. This is not an over night lesson, it takes time, discipline and patience.  Learn to: analyze...wait...fire!

Gain an Unfair Advantage

Seeing the markets from multiple perspectives can give you an edge.  Let us show you how to gain confidence in your trades by seeing the strength of our buy & sell zones.  Watch them overlap each other on multiple time frames!  This is what we call "confluence of zones".

We like to see Zones with multiple timeframe confluence. For example, look for a zone using a 5 minute chart, and see if you can see the same zone on a 15 minute chart at the same price area. In addition, look for the same zone on a 60 minute chart, or even on a 240 minute chart and a daily chart. If a support or resistance zone appears on multiple charts in the same area, you have a very high degree of confluence, indicating that price will be affected by that price zone!

Ever Wonder Where "High" and "Low" Really Are?

APA Zones makes seeing support and resistance (supply and demand) easy with our proprietary zone system.  It features trend reversal and trend following zone creation and a bounce count system which change color based on how many times price has interacted with it, letting you know the strength of the support/resistance level.

The true strength of APA Zones is in it’s ability to automatically record market memory, and display it for you in real time. We do all the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t have to remember where price used to be. Using basic zone theory, advanced price action and pattern recognition, we have developed a unique software tool that any trader can use to greatly enhance their trading results! Actually see where true wholesale prices are, and where true retail prices are in the markets you trade.

So we have taken a very elementary and basic way of looking at the market.  We believe that no matter how you see them there are price action support and resistance lines.  It’s all based on either previous price action higher highs, lower lows, or a failure to break them.  Basics laws of supply and demand.  Our software  highlights and tracks these areas of support resistance for you, using dynamic creation and self terminating zones and a color coded bounce count system.  These areas can be very old or perhaps created within just the last 3 bars.  Our zones are a price predictive system that doesn’t lag.

The Best Possible Solution

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"The Final Word In Turn Key Trading Systems.  The Last Trading Program You Will Ever Need"

APA Zones is a trading system that helps the trader identify key levels of support and resistance, so they can enter and manage low risk, high probability trades in any market. APA Zones does much of the heavy lifting allowing the trader more freedom and confidence in placing trades

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