The How to for Stocks, Futures, and Forex Market

with our trend following zone approach.

Identify High and Low areas

Set your Entries as price leaves the zones. Stop at the outer edge of the zone. Target at the next zone of opposite type. It's that simple.

Using APA Software to define High, Low, and Trend

Use the APA Zones in combination with the APA Trender to give you context of Trend and how to enter the trend with zone giving you support and resistance along the way.

Money Bounce

Use the simple technique of the money bounce stay with trend and join any trend move. Learn more about it in our 4 week class price action course.

Trading for dummies

Technically trading is a very simple idea.  You Buy low and Sell high right?  In the details that process gets more complicated.  We here at APA Zones have developed zones that plot in real time to help us identify optimal market structure but also the right time when market momentum will likely be coming into the market.  We have done this by data-mining the market.  We use a fractal derivative approach to zone trading as we look at multiple time frames and price action to confirm the retest of any zone.

Trade the Trend

Defining the Trend is also one of the hardest things for traders to do.  The very nature of a trader is someone who can easily go against the grain and swim upstream against what everyone else says.  Therefore to trade we must go with the masses as if that mentality doesn't exist.

These concepts and zone trading cannot be explained in just a few short paragraphs.  Click below to continue reading more....


APA Zones Version 4.7 Overview

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APA Zones is a trading system that helps the trader identify key levels of support and resistance, so they can enter and manage low risk, high probability trades in any market. APA Zones does much of the heavy lifting allowing the trader more freedom and confidence in placing trades

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