How To Succeed Trading A Small Trading Account

What You Need To Know Before Trading A Small Account

How Much Do I Need To Start Trading?

I get asked this question all the time, usually from friends who see me trade and want to start trading themselves.  The reality is "big" or "small" trading accounts are simply a matter of scale and different to each person.

What Market Should I Start Trading?

If you are trading sim (which you should for a few months!) and getting used to watching price move, you can trade any market you wish.  Hopefully one that other people you know are trading so you can ask questions and have them explain things to you.  A trade mentor is crucial for a beginner (and as you run into obstacles).  When you decide to trade live I recommend trading Forex if your account is less than $10,000.  The reason is there is less risk on each trade and you can scale the amount very easily as your account grows.  The second reason is you get to feel the hard emotions of trading without risking large losses!  The feelings and emotions of trading blindside most new traders and learning to conquer them and follow your trade plan is much easier with a small account.  It's cheaper too, who doesn't like cheaper?

So, Am I Going To Get Rich Overnight?

To be blunt.... No.  King Solomon said it best "Wealth from get-rich-quick schemes quickly disappears; wealth from hard work grows over time."  It takes time, patience and consistently following your trade plan.  If your mentality is getting rich quick, we are not for you.  We teach the philosophy that profits are a byproduct following your trade plan.  This principal allows wealth to grow over time.

Is Trading Hard?

Taking a trade is easy, trading profitably is very difficult.  Trading well is complex, and APA Zones was built to simplify trading and make it consistent.  I found that with the right training, tools, mentoring and community for support,  anyone has the ability to be successful.  The words diligence, consistency, patience and discipline are neglected by many traders, but are crucial to success.  Trading is not for everyone, you must be willing to humbly evaluate yourself and have the right mindset.

You need to start small and learn the basics to grow into the trader you want to be.  Continue reading by clicking below...

Michelle S.

As a mother of two, APA Zones has given me the opportunity I have been looking for to work from home. The zones clearly define support and resistance, simplifying my trade plan and allowing more confidence and less second guessing in my entries and trade management

Michelle S.
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