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That's Nothing! How can this be?

How can we do it? Simple, step by step teaching and happy thoughts....

What a Deal! You can't make this stuff up!

Why You Should Trust Our Proven Trade Fit Formula?

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  • Combine your exercise and Trading routine into a healthier lifestyle
  • Look better and attract other Traders!
  • Not Guaranteed to Cure Leprosy!
  • 100% Vegan, No Animals Harmed
  • Be Trendy while learning to Trade "The Trend"
  • Our claims are 100% NOT backed by the FDA
  • Our Revolutionary "Trade as you Trend" System
  • The Ultimate All-inclusive Work from Home Experience

All Jokes Aside, We Have a Lot to Offer You

With The APA Price Action School

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We are joking about all the fitness, nutrition & health stuff, but it got you to look at what we can do for you.

  • Price Action is nothing more than how price moves on your charts, and what that information means.
  • Advanced Price Action takes that knowledge to the next level. Let us teach you the right way from the beginning.
  • Work from home on your schedule, learning at your pace. Buy The Education to Get Started By Clicking Below!

We Teach You How to Read the Charts in Our Price Action School, The Foundation of Your Trading Journey.

  • Software, trading platform, computer and treadmill not included, only education in this package.
  • Our revolutionary software does most of the hard analysis work for you, helping you see the markets in a new way and focus more on your trade.
  • Our friendly staff is always here to help you, including the warped guy who wrote all of this Funny stuff!

What Our Customers Say

(we are quite sure they are lying)

I lost 50 pounds on APA Zones! I thought it was nonsense, but look at me Now! Amazing, I even smell better.

Jenny M.
Jenny M. Super Model/ Trader

Not only can I read price action like a professional, I do not fit into any of my clothes and got a whole new wardrobe out of the deal.  100% satisfied with this amazing product!

Tom M.
Tom M. Boss Man

Major Features of Natural APA Health

(Claims guaranteed to be untrue, don't you wish everyone was this honest?)

  • Packed with Fiber

    Keep regular while following your trade plan.

  • Can't see the fine print?

    No Need! We know none of our health claims are true! Now that’s honesty you can’t buy.

  • Break the Chains of Flab!

    Turn that flab into an Ab…or two!

  • 63% Organic

    No pesticides used!

  • Nonsense Included!

    Free of charge added bonus!

  • Talk with other traders

    Encourage each other on your journey to a meaner, leaner you

Benefits of Natural APA Health

(Utterly Ridiculous! The only real benefit is learning to read price action.  Who wrote this crap?)

Increased Vitality

When used in conjunction with purified water.

Go Green!

Learn why some bars are green, and others are red.  Unlocking the mysteries of the universe for only $97.

No Equipment Included

Sorry, we can't do everything for you!

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I am running out of clever fitness jokes, please, try our product.  It's a great deal and will build a great trading foundation of how to read Price Action.

Start now and Get Slim for summer

Sadly getting slim is up to you, all we can do is teach you to read the charts.