GDPR Compliance Notice:

We currently are not seeking clients within the EU nor do we wish to do business there. However, we do not mind sharing what we are doing in the domain. We have currently blocked all EU countries IP. addresses

Your privacy is important to us!  We don’t like getting spam from companies we’ve never heard of either.  In that spirit, We currently do not share client information with any other companies.  We do not sell your name or information to anyone. We do host webinars and marketing events with other companies but do not share your information with them.  The email blast that you get will be from us as we want to build a good relationship with you.

Previous EU client data was purged from our website and infusionsoft servers on 5.18.18.

Which personal data is being collected

For site visitors who sign up. we collect first name, last name, and email. If you decide to purchase anything from us our payment processor then collects your billing address and card numbers. All billing addresses and cards are not stored on our our servers. They are stored at the payment processor.  A company called infusionsoft does all processing for us at this time. Infusionsoft handles all credit card processing and client information other than first name, last name, email.

What the data is being used for

We use the data to identify you as the customer and to sign in to our service. Your name and email are being used for authentication key generation.  Which is then used by you(the user) to login. It is also being used for direct marketing events that we are involved in and have directly overseen.

Who is handling the data

Right now, Gabriel Brent is the only one with access to any and all client information. The billing processor also has information about you.

How the data was obtained

All information that we have collected is from direct marketing efforts through webinar, forums, or email and direct marketing correspondence. We have not and will not ever buy lists or buy names from other vendors, services or companies. We also do not sell our list either.

How and where the data is stored

The data is stored on our web server database for user authentication from the service that we provide as well as infusionsoft servers collect billing information.

Update your information

You can simply login to the website at to update or change any of your information.  Please note that none of your billing information is stored on our web server. Therefore, please email us at [email protected] to update that information if needed.


Email Policy

We do not spam emails day after day.  We want to only send you information that you asked for in training email.  We also will only send you new things that we are doing. And at no regular interval.  If you do not want to receive any more emails from us. You can simply click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any email we send you.


Infusionsoft also runs our email campaigns and email system.  Therefore it is the only other system that has your information.


Cookie Policy

Our website only uses login cookies that are stored for 2 weeks.  These website cookies are different then the platform authentication system we use.  The platform authentication uses stored recalculated key generators for authentication.


If you want your information removed

Please email us at [email protected] to get your information removed. Please provide use your email address associated with your account to remove your information.