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Elements Includes:

  • APA Zones 4.7
  • APA Time Indicator
  • APA Templates & Workspaces
  • APA Training Video Library
  • APA Community Skype Room Access
  • Installation Support
  • Two Computer Licenses
  • Trade Plan Templates
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Example of APA Zones Elements on the crude oil market

What The Zones Do:

APA Zones Version 4.7 Overview

Make More Confident Analysis

  • Trading is a difficult thing to do, and can wreak havoc on your nerves. Our emotions come in to play when our market analysis is inconsistent.
  • APA Zones was built to help you maintain consistent analysis of supply and demand, and take repeatable trade entry setups.
  • The zones give you built-in risk/reward, targets, and so much more!

See Supply And Demand Automatically

  • See the market from multiple perspectives!
  • Let us show you how to gain more confidence in your trades by seeing the strength of our buy & sell zones that show you market context, and give you entries/targets.

We like to see Zones with multiple timeframe confluence. For example, look for a zone using a 5 minute chart, and see if you can see the same zone on a 15 minute chart at the same price area. In addition, look for the same zone on a 60 minute chart, or even on a 240 minute chart and a daily chart. If a support or resistance zone appears on multiple charts in the same area, you have a very high degree of confluence, indicating that price will be affected by that price zone!

Ever Wonder Where "High" and "Low" Really Are?

  These areas can be very old or perhaps created within just the last 3 bars.  Our zones are a price predictive system that doesn’t lag.

  • APA Zones makes seeing support and resistance (supply and demand) easy with our proprietary zone system.
  • It features trend reversal and trend following zone creation and a bounce count system which change color based on how many times price has interacted with it, letting you know the strength of the support/resistance level.
  • The true strength of APA Zones is the ability to automatically record market memory, and display it for you in real time. We do all the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t have to remember where price used to be.
  • Using basic zone theory, advanced price action and pattern recognition, we have developed a unique software tool that any trader can use to greatly enhance his/her trading results! You can actually see where true wholesale prices are, and where true retail prices are in the markets you trade.
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Our Entry level package of The APA Zones Software

Which Platform?

Lifetime License Options Are Available.

APA Elements

 Now Only $45 Per Month!

One Time Setup fee of $97

One Time Setup Fee of $97

"You Can't Build Anything Without The Right Tools"

APA Zones 4.7 is the backbone of our trading system.  The Zones work great, even by themselves.  The system really shines when you put it together with other tools in your tool-belt.  Our tools are designed to work together....

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APA Zones is the single most important link in the trading arsenal of my firm. Originally bought for my individual use in my personal portfolio It was obvious this wasn’t just for retail customers. I was fast to implement this software into my firm, Royal Wealth Management’s methodology. This firm is now proud to say we are powered by the APA Zone software.

Brian Royal, Fund Manager
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