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Teach a Man To Fish...

... You feed him for a lifetime.  We have all heard the saying, and our goal is exactly that.  We do not want to just give you trades.  We want you to be able to know what you are doing so you can trade for yourself.  Every software package comes with an extensive video library and access to training.  But we offer two education packages designed specifically to help you learn.  No matter whether you trade futures, Forex or stocks, these basic principles apply.

Mentorship Elite

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
-Albert Einstein

The mentorship is designed to teach you to master trading for yourself, to the point where you can teach others if you so choose.  We come alongside you teaching you one-on-one, in group online sessions, and with a mentorship specific training library.  We combine this training with our industry-changing APA Elite trading software that is only available to our mentorship students.  This is a one-stop package to help you understand the markets better.  Together we work on price action and zone trading strategy, mental toughness, and money management aspects that you will need.  and have individual pieces available as well to give you what you need.

Price Action School

You can not build a house that will last without a good foundation.  This is our introductory course.  It is the foundation of our trading method.  It goes from teaching you candlestick patterns, to reading price action into more advanced zone trading.  We recommend all of our members to take this course to solidify their understanding of price action, which is the how the bars move on your chart and what that information means.  It also includes homework assignments and access to one of our trading mentors to give you a taste of what the mentorship is about.  This is also a great way to start learning about what we can do for your trading.

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APA Mentorship Elite
APA Mentorship Elite
Trading Software,  Trading Education,  Zone Trading, price action, school, mentor, trade
Price Action School
Price Action School

If you are new to trading, here are a few free tips that are very helpful.  I wish someone would have told me this when I started trading years ago.  Click Below to Continue...


After struggling with my trading for a long time, I am watching the Elite Mentorship training video and came to take a look at the market with APA Zones, I could not resist trying it out.  The software is just amazing! To say I like it is an understatement.  I could not be happier to with my decision to join this wonderful group.

Sergio Alvarez, APA Elite Customer- Trader
Trading Software,  Trading Education,  Zone Trading, forex, futures, indicator