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Divergence is based on the concept of comparing Price and a indicator and looking for when the two don't do the same thing at the same time.  When this happens it is called divergence and is a lot of time wonderful trend reversal signal.  Using the APA Zones techniques, and seeing what a powerful signal this is for good trades, we want to make sure that when this signal happens we are able to capitalize on it.  And now we give you the same ability to do that as well.

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Real Time Divergence

Don't wait 5-6 bars after divergence has happened.  Get real time indication that divergence is going on.  With our Divergence Indicator, get in only 1 bar after it really happens!

Market Divergence

This works on any Financial Market and any timeframe.  All you have to do is import it on your chart and watch it go!  Use this to scan your favorite market and to see market divergence using our cutting edge software.

Entries with Divergence

The best way to use this amazing indicator is to enter on the next bar after the diamond appears.  Then enter one price tick outside the bar.  This price indicator keeps it simple as we get into major supply and demand areas.

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