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Day Trading For Beginners

Want to learn how to day trade?  We want to talk to you!  We offer one of the best beginner day trading courses designed to teach you how to read the markets and learn to trade.  Stocks, Futures, Forex, Options,  we give you the insider look on the markets.  Fill out the form to start now.

Put a Neural Network to work for you

Smart Trading Software

Let our Software system do all the thinking for you.  Use the edge of a Neural Network that learns market conditions to help you stay on the "Right side" of the Trend.  Our software learns price action over time just like the skills of a 30 year old trading veteran would and displays that Trend for you on your chart all the time.  It about time that you let the computer do all the heavy lifting in your trading.

Day Trading For Beginners

Price Action Really Tells You!

Use simple Price Action Techniques such as when price failure to do an market event to gain an edge in the markets.  Our training system show you 'why' and 'how' the market moves the way it does.  Don't be caught off guard as price stop at a know supply zone just to reverse back down to know demand. We use and teach bar by bar reading to understand context of trend and market structure.

Supply and Demand Zones Stategy

Buy Low

Sell High

Keep it Simple with Education and Training that cuts to to root of Why the markets move.  When and where to buy low and sell high, that is the question.  We want to help you easily indentify all of this.  Save your time by letting our software do all work for you.  All you have to do is execute and manage the trade.


Learn to Day Trade with One of the Best Day Trading Courses

For eight years, APA Zones has been teaching day trading to many satisfied customers.  As a leader in zone trading, our day trading coaches provide a comprehensive investment strategy learning experience.  Simply put, we believe we are one of the best online trading academies online today.  Contact us to learn more.


  • Forex Trading for Beginners

    The Forex trading market is one of the best places for beginners to learn.

  • Learn How to Trade Stocks

    Apazones provides you with a customized stock scanner that allows you to analyze the entire stock market at a quick glance.

  • Learn How to Trade Futures

    Learn how to day trade or swing trade futures.  Regardless of skill level, our training courses will complete your understanding of the markets.

  • Learn to Trade Options

    Our online options trading course gives you the tools you need to apply price action to any market.

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  • Software

    Using our smart Neural Network we help you trade in the zone.

  • Education

    We teach you how to trade price action with zone technology giving you edge that you need.

  • Community

    Trading with other Professional Traders in our Community