APA Zones (Advanced Price Action Zones) draws future predicting, accurate and market dynamic support and resistance zones on your charts in real-time.

The true strength of APAZones is in it’s ability to automatically record market memory, and display it for you in real time. We do all the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t have to remember where price used to be. Using basic zone theory, advanced price action and pattern recognition, we have developed a unique software tool that any trader can use to greatly enhance their trading results! Actually see where true wholesale prices are, and where true retail prices are in the markets you trade.

APA Zones Basic - Supply & Demand Zones in real-time!

APA Zones Basic -support and resistance zones in real-time! Shown are APA Zones, APA Trender, and APA Candlesticks.


Using APAZones has many advantages:

  • Based on reading market consolidation of the previous market conditions
  • Pattern recognition
  • Ability to see dynamic support and resistance
  • Automatically drawn, color coded bounce counts
  • Know where retail and wholesale prices are
  • Combine multiple time frame zones to generate confluence and market context


APAZones can be applied to any type of time chart (minute, hourly, daily, weekly) or specialty charts (tick, renko, share, range…). When using Zones on different timeframes, notice that sometimes the zones overlap, or appear in the same price areas but on multiple timeframe charts. We refer to this as confluence.

We like to see Zones with multiple timeframe confluence. For example, look for a zone using a 5 minute chart, and see if you can see the same zone on a 15 minute chart at the same price area. In addition, look for the same zone on a 60 minute chart, or even on a 240 minute chart and a daily chart. If a support or resistance zone appears on multiple charts in the same area, you have a very high degree of confluence, indicating that price will be affected by that price zone!

Bonds (ZB) daily chart. APA Zones can be applied to any chart, any timeframe, any instrument.

APA Zones on daily ES chart with standard OHLC bars.