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Over seven years ago, Our Founder, Gabriel Brent wanted software that could tell him where to find support and resistance or supply and demand zones, and found nothing relevant.  So, he made a revolutionary new software that is second to none.  The process is simple; learn to read price action, have the best tools to do the hard work for you, and mentor you to help reach your potential.

Since then we have been the industry leader in zone trading software.  We continue to improve our products and develop trend-setting trading tools.  Our latest development, the Elite Software continues to simplify the trading process with the most advanced processes with built in artificial intelligence.

Looking In The Mirror

Our community ranges from stay at home moms to fund managers, regardless of financial scale we all have the same goal: to better ourselves and trade to the best of our ability.  To have any chance of this we must be humble enough to look at ourselves honestly.  We all have an "image" of ourselves and performance in our head, and we need other genuine people who can help us self-evaluate whats really going on.  We strive to have a community of traders centered around this.

In All Honesty...

Trading is a very difficult endeavor, and most struggle at it.  Every member of APA Zones and lost and struggled at some point in their trading career.  Our Community is all about helping others grow and reach their goals. This "pay it forward" mentality is seen every day in our trade rooms.

"Our industry leading training & software let you see the markets in a new way, teaching you to control your emotions and yourself, with a network of traders for support.  The rest is up to you."

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May The Trend Be With You,

Gabriel Brent

CEO, Founder & Developer of APA Zones

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APA Zones is the single most important link in the trading arsenal of my firm. Originally bought for my individual use in my personal portfolio It was obvious this wasn’t just for retail customers. I was fast to implement this software into my firm, Royal Wealth Management’s methodology. This firm is now proud to say we are powered by the APA Zone software."

Brian Royal, Fund manager

APA Zones is a trading system that helps the trader identify key levels of support and resistance, so they can enter and manage low risk, high probability trades in any market. APA Zones does much of the heavy lifting allowing the trader more freedom and confidence in placing trades

Randy D, (Trader) Tx
Michelle S.

As a mother of two, APA Zones has given me the opportunity I have been looking for to work from home. The zones clearly define support and resistance, simplifying my trade plan and allowing more confidence and less second guessing in my entries and trade management

Michelle S.

When I discovered APA Zones trade software I knew I had finally achieved one of the main goals in my trade career. I had been searching a long time for an indicator that was predictive rather than reactive to the market. I have found it in APA Zones. My trading methods have now completely changed from having a hair trigger entry and exit mindset with a lot of stress to a relaxed style that having the APA Zones on my price charts gives me. I am able to easily see where my future entry setups as well as targets and exits are going to be well ahead of time and exactly when to take them. All in one indicator! There are also add on modules that APA Zones creator Gabriel Brent has programmed to work with the Zones that make trading a whole new ballgame...a much simpler and profitable ballgame for all traders at any level. I believe everyone would become an APA Zones user if they just took the time to watch them in action. Thank you Gabriel for simplifying the trading game for all of us. You have created a work of genius with APA Zones

- Kevin Bronthius, (Trader)

After struggling with my trading for a long time, I am watching the Elite Mentorship training video and came to take a look at the market with APA Zones, I could not resist trying it out.  The software is just amazing! To say I like it is an understatement.  I could not be happier to with my decision to join this wonderful group.

Sergio Alvarez, APA Elite Customer- Trader

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